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Mayorka is a video marketing agency that specialises in videography and editing, with a specific focus on YouTube.

Do you want to influence lakhs of followers? Do you want your brand to become the face of your industry? Or do you simply want to create a fun-filled home movie from your mobile video clips?

We’ve got you covered no matter what type of videos you need, from holidays to weddings and from corporate films to the boardroom.

Types of videos

YouTube Content

Youtube is no longer a platform for videos on just cats and babies. A Mayorka team of highly skilled and experienced video editors can assist you in all aspects of professional editing.

Educational Videos

Making videos just to sell doesn’t make sense. 73% of your consumers learn about a brand through videos before converting. We create branded educational content that makes your brand credible.

Promo Videos

Aren’t your corporate videos as interesting as your business? Mayorka films and edits a wide range of corporate videos that positively impact.

Corporate Films

Aren’t your audience bored to death with the exhausting textual explanations? Mayorka does 2D explainer videos that give lifelike simulations where you feel hard to put your business into words.

Entertainment Videos

Entertainment videos no longer serve the old-fashioned purpose. Mayorka knows how to put the essence of happiness into your videos, making them truly entertaining.

Family Movies

Home is where the heart is. Our experts will take your family videos and turn them into something new, special, and unique.


But what could be more painful than seeing your documentary film putting your audience to sleep? Mayorka deals with extensive raw footage to make your documentaries deliver the exact message you envisioned.



Color Correction

Voice over

Text on screen

2D animation

sound effects

Green Matte

Advanced Lighting

Green Matte videos



Closed Captioning

Live Streaming



Real-Time Video Analytics

Video Analytics

Expectation vs. Reality

Editing standard you expect vs. Editing standard delivered by free tools

Video editing is the art of stitching your video clips into a beautiful visual story that your audience wants to see.

But aren’t you sick of working with those so-called “free” editing tools that ask you to pay huge sums after some boring amateur edits? Thanks to Mayorka, your videos can now be professionally crafted easier than ever before.


We make your videos stand out with the right transition style that connects one shot to another, making them an excellent professional film.

Color Correction

We enhance your raw footage into a video that grabs the eyeballs like a premium film with high standard colour correction.

Mobile Video Editing

Mayorka transforms your amateur mobile edits with professional cuts that create the big wow factor.

Voice Over Videos

You have worked with the best voiceover artist for your project. Now, let us handle the best clippings perfect for your business.


Our 2D-animation videos make your brand accessible to your audience concisely, saving them from the exhausting, boring text.

Green Matte

Be anywhere you want with the power of digital sensors. We are experts with green matte editing to make you exist where you actually don’t.

On-screen Text

We incorporate on-screen text messages to highlight the strong point your video is intended to convey to your audience.

Logo Animation

The logo is the face of your brand. An animated logo can transform the face of your brand, making it more connectable.

Advanced Logo Animation

Solidify your brand’s logo style that instantly suits your marketing collateral, making you rock strong in your niche.

Mobile Screen Recording

We embed your videos with recorded video shots with professional touch so that you can educate your audience to the fullest.

Title Animation

Create title sequences that use motion graphics to set the mood and tone for the presentation to follow.

Sound Effects

Audio quality affects your audience’s connection. We are storytellers who let you hear the magic in your story through the perfect sound.


Video quality you expect vs. Video quality you shoot without professional assistance

Videography is the art of transferring ideas from your mind on screen. A good video isn’t about what you see; It’s about what you feel while watching it. Not skilful at shooting good videos? Don’t worry! Mayorka can do this heavy-lifting for you.

The videos shot by us have the potential to express your ideas, your style, and your way of seeing the world.

Advanced Lighting

We transform your ordinary videos like a pro with our advanced lighting techniques without overcomplicating them.

Multi-Camera Videography

With multi-camera video, you can switch from a wide shot to a closeup, stop scenes from dragging on, and add depth to your story.

Green Matte Setup

We have a technically designed Green Matte Studio which can fulfil all your filmmaking & graphic needs.

Creative Videography

With Mayorka, create the habit of transforming your cheesy content into that buzz-creating one that inspires.

High-quality Video Shoot

With Mayorka, the tedious process of shooting high-quality video to make you that pro content creator is no longer a pain.

Slow Motion Video Shoot

Our slo-mo videos are shot with extreme professionalism that pays attention to every aspect of your video.

Gimbal Videos

We help you stabilize your camera with gimbal shots to create smooth footage while you’re on the move.

Our Mayorka Team


About Video Marketing

An effective video should include a concise message, powerful hook, good quality audio visuals, perfect camera angle, professional lighting, brand logo, clear call to action, and professional edits.

Professional editors can make your videos look more professional and polished. They know how to edit the footage tailored to your audience’s needs. Furthermore, they are equipped with industry-leading software to carry out editing tasks you never even imagined possible.

Lighting is a fundamental element of a video. It creates a visual mood, atmosphere, and sense of meaning for the audience. For example, with poor lighting, a serious situation can seem too light, or a humorous situation can seem more serious than it is intended.

People will not connect with you if they cannot hear you. Simple as that. Even if you are confident before a camera, poor audio quality will ruin the scene. Your audio quality influences whether or not people trust the source of information.

Two reasons – (1) online videos make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic and (2) 73% of all purchase decisions online are made after viewing a brand video. Keeping this in mind, businesses of all sizes are flooding platforms with videos describing their service, premises, products and expertise.

There are dozens of platforms to share and broadcast videos. Amongst the most popular ones are your website, landing pages, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and WhatsApp.

Videos as a marketing medium are expected to be the primary tools for marketers for the foreseeable future. With the development of technology and devices, videos and multimedia in general have evolved to be able to serve all markets from healthcare and management to shipping and logistics.

Some digital platforms are designed to have their customized video setting. However, raw footage can be tailored to fit the purpose and dimensions of any digital platform. So a single recording can be re-purposed to upload on any platform.


For Content Creators

Amateur video content creators typically face the following challenges – camera setup, background, lighting, and proper audio capture. An even bigger challenge could be camera phobia. Mayorka, as your professional videography partner, will assist you with these challenges. Clients can expect to receive inputs from us on how they can improve their on-screen presence, gestures and articulation.

While Mayorka does not offer competitive research as a formal service, we can work with clients who need our inputs as a value-added service.

Clients are the brand experts. We believe their USP would be seen in the best possible light if it were their own script. However, we handle all the other video production tasks for you.

Mayorka’s core competence is in video production, editing and marketing. We work with a vision of redefining the regular trends happening around videos. Hence in this regard, at this moment, we do not provide other Digital Marketing services.

Mayorka is an end-to-end video production agency that helps you create various types of content, including YouTube content, educational videos, explainer videos, promo videos, corporate films, family movies, documentaries, and entertainment videos.

Our specialization falls with the Medical, Media, and IT industries. However, we are open and always eager to explore content in any other niche your brand engages in.

We house experts proficient with high-end tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, FCP10, Photoshop, After Effects, Indesign, and Illustrator.

Yes, we do assist you with professional edits on mobile recorded videos.


Mayorka Process

Requirement Gathering

Members, from Mayorka’s marketing team, work with potential clients to understand their requirements. Only if we are sure that the requirements match with our offerings, we go ahead to the next step. This is to ensure that client is not given false promises.

Once your project gets onboarded, a dedicated Business Manager is assigned to work with you. He/she is responsible for setting up discovery calls to understand your business needs. The collected data is shared with the respective teams. 

Video Editing

Our team provides you with a draft video version to share your feedback. Once the draft is finalized, we will deliver the final version by the deadline. 


Prerequisites are shared with you before the day of shoot. Our team reaches the destination with the necessary technical equipment to get started during the shoot.

Your final video version is shared with you via professional data transfer mediums.


Our Business Manager gathers your brand needs, and we assist you with your first level of content research. We finalize the shoot date, and our video crew arrives at the location with all the equipment necessary for the shoot. After the shoot is done, your raw footage is edited, and the first draft version is sent for your feedback. We can also send you a second draft if needed. We appreciate you responding with your feedback in a couple of days after receiving the draft. We will develop the final version and transfer it via file transfer mediums by the deadline with all your feedback. 


Promo Videos

In many ways, the process is similar to what YouTube does. The difference here is after we gather your brand needs, our show producers and editors visit the shoot location and give you a detailed script in terms of professional lighting, background, and video angle. After this step, your shoot day is finalized, and we move forward.

Yes. You can outsource editing alone to us. We can professionally edit the raw footage provided by you. In this case, we require you to send the raw file via a file transfer medium we suggest.

Yes. Some of our clients are comfortable with editing but are not equipped to shoot professional videos. We assist them primarily with our videography and lighting services in such situations.

This depends on your need and the type of video to be shot. You can discuss this with our Program Producer.

Our standard policy allows you with two free revisions before the final delivery. Terms and conditions applicable.

As per our policy, the first 50% of the payment should be done in advance before the commencement of your project. The next 50% should be made during the final delivery.

We consider the safety of our employees and clients as our top priority. Considering the pandemic, we make sure our studios and equipment are sanitized before every shoot. Every team member wears a mask and follows social distancing guidelines where possible.

There are numerous factors accountable for your payment. Let’s say that we partner with you on a video editing project, and the fee is based on the length and type of video enrolled. Or, if we have partnered to produce a videography project, the payment will be based on the type of video, length, multi-camera setup, and location.

We are building our digital house. We are working hard behind the scenes to build it as Mighty as possible. Believe us. It’s coming out really good!!

But we are open for business. Want to get in touch? You can email us at Be the first to find out when we launch our Mayorka website



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